Land Acquisition

Successful developments depend on finding the “right” site for the project. So Beaini Projects use a team of land acquisition specialists to assist in finding the best property for your project. In particular, the Beaini team will:

  • Provide you with honest advice on State and local Government property acquisition laws
  • Liaise between parties to speed up the purchase process
  • Research the surrounding areas to supply you with important information on:
    • – Market pricing
    • – Environmental considerations & issues
    • – Local ordinances
    • – The feasibility of the site for development
    • – Examine the potential of the site to suggest ways to maximise the yield and improve ROI
    • – Share their knowledge with you so you can make informed decisions regarding the viability of your project
Land Acquisition




Containing and managing costs while delivering high quality buildings is central to Beaini Project’s philosophy. To do this, they use a trusted team of highly skilled architects, structural and civil engineers along with construction management experts.

By using a combination of in-house specialists and trusted consultants, they are able to deliver exceptional results – on time and on budget.

Beaini Projects work with both first-time and established developers. Using their wide range of expertise, they are able to assist you with:

  • Apartment developments
  • Townhouse construction
  • Commercial developments
  • Civil and infrastructure projects

Throughout each stage of a project, their management team monitors every aspect to ensure they remain on track to deliver the agreed outcomes.



From concept to completion, Beaini Projects are with you all the way. That includes helping you to market your development.

Successful residential and commercial developments promote the location, infrastructure, amenities and lifestyle aspects of the project because these are the elements that attract buyers.

Once your project is fully designed and approved, Beaini Projects will provide you with marketing advice and recommendations to help you achieve the best return on your investment. Their sales and marketing partners will prepare a marketing package for you that will assist in reaching the targets you need to support your finance and construction milestones.